Jonathon’s Storm  by Brenda Muller is a “Story Opera”- a story told in lyrical verse that flows freely into song. Inspired by an ancient and beloved form of storytelling, this unique 30 minute event is performed in the round by three opera singers and four musicians: a jazz drummer, a cellist, a violinist and a pianist. Using narrative poetry it tells the story of a young boy who hates his music lessons, and who likes to imagine himself as a hero. Jonathon’s house is struck by a tornado the same night as his parents decide to separate. In the loss that ensues, Jonathon undertakes his “real’ hero’s journey – an imaginary canoe trip –in an effort to find his parents, and to find out why he was born. He discovers his creativity – and with the help of his cat, dog, drum and violin, he learns to understand a vision which unfolds to him his dreams, the love his parents had for him, and the answer to why he was born.

Join the Show Workshop

The young artists in the audience are invited to attend a  “prologue” workshop filled with art, drama and music activities to help them to participate in the performance.  At this popular 45 minute -1 hour inter-arts workshop each child is given a picture to paint, a song to sing, a dance to dance,  and a part to play in  Jonathon’s Storm.

Jonathon’s Storm Synopsis

The Best Review of All

The Best Review of All